VIDEO | New Marden Edwards TMX series overwrapper

  • Jamie Helyer
  • October 7, 2015 2:33 pm
  • Solutions

The new Marden Edwards TMX Series overwrapper is the evolution of our successful TM Series overwrapper which has been specifically designed to produce the highest quality overwrapping.

Our new TMX Series uses up to 8 Servo axes for an improved changeover time and changeover repeatability in comparison to our existing TM Series. Typically our TM Series is capable of a 3 dimensional size changeover within 15-20 minutes. The TMX model reduces this change over time by 50% to less than 10 minutes.

Through the touch screen HMI, our Customers are able to store up to 100 different product recipes. When a new product size is selected, the 8 Servo motors adjust the mechanical parts to the correct position for the new size.  This function assists greatly on the final quality and presentation of the Overwrap due to the reduction of operator set-up.

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